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Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm on the hunt

I haven't seen any good wildlife for a year or two, and I think I'm overdue. I've seen and photographed the typical wildlife.......the deer, the chipmunks, the squirrells, the songbirds etc. Well, come to think of it, I did get the Peregrine Falcon a few months ago so that was a good score.
But I need to find the big ones again. The moose. The bear. The coyote. I've been in a bit of a slump when it comes to the big exciting wildlife shots. Perhaps this upcoming weekend I will have some luck? I hope so.
This bear was walking along Hinton Hill Road in Westmore VT (this was 2 years ago). It was we were approaching, Mr. S insisted that it wasn't a bear, it was a dog........I got my camera ready......I knew EXACTLY what it was! :-)

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