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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stick Season

Most places have 4 seasons during the year. Vermont, however, has 6 seasosn. There is Winter, then Spring, then Mud Season, then Summer, then Fall, which then brings us to the season we are in right now, which is called stick season. The reason? There's nothing but "sticks" on the mountainsides. All of the gray that you see in the above photo are bare trees.
Tomorrow promises more sunshine than today up here. Stay tuned for tomorrow's photo of the day from the land of the sticks.


  1. Carol, I really like this photo. The three dimensional aspects, multiple ridges, sun and shadow. I've never made a photo that I really liked after the leaves were off the trees, but you've done it here. Great work.


  2. Thank you Al. I always appreciate feedback from you! So glad you liked this one.