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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Crystal Lake View

Greetings from Vermont! Mr S and I had a wonderful day up here. A few weeks ago, we were let in on a little secret, from our good friend "Hemo". There is an unknown trail up at Crystal Lake in Barton VT. Just a 10 minute hike up, and you are above the lake with beautiful views to the North and South.
Thanks Hemo!!!!! We really enjoyed the hike and view.

The Fall colors are really beginning to "pop" up here. It;s looking like it's going to be another wonderful year for the foliage..


  1. Hi there. I lurk about your blog without commenting. Especially when you photograph/visit Barton. I know that trail at the Ledges. I even went up there for the first time with bifocals last week for photos. But you can't get to the top from the bottom. A friend says you have to go up Pageant Park Road and take the trail down. Did you actually climb up the ledges and pass the DANGER DANGER written in red on the granite?

    Thank you. I'm enjoying your blog.

  2. Hi Andree,
    Welcome to my blog and thanks for de-lurking.
    You are correct.......we got on the trail from Pageant Park Road. I would never go on a trail if there were any Danger warnings! That's for sure! If you know of any other hidden gem spota like this in and around the Barton area, be sure to let me know. Thanks!