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Friday, September 18, 2020

Fort Revere Park, Hull MA

 A few nights ago, I went on a little local socially distanced and mask wearing photography trip with some friends from my camera club. We first went to the Forts in Hull, which is a very historical site. The remains of the forts date back to the American Revolution.

Exterior of one of the forts:

Through the years, the interior walls and ceilings of the forts have been filled with graffiti. One of my best friends, Diane:

My good friend David:

The forts are a great place for light painting photography. (Notice my ride home in the lower left corner of this next image) :-)

Nature will find a way to show her beauty, even along an old and abandoned building.

From here, we went down the road to Hull Gut to photograph the sunset.

It was really great to be out shooting with friends again. 

Stay safe and healthy my friends. ooxx

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