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Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Fox Are Back

As our world has suddenly come to a screeching  halt, Mother Nature reminds us that life goes on. The animal world isn't affected by the Corona Virus. Their lives continue to go on and their instincts are as acute as ever.

Today I photographed my first fox sighting of the Spring in the woods behind my house. As you know, the past several years we have had a fox den right in our own backyard. I've recently been hearing screams in the night coming from the woods. A few weeks ago I saw a fox on my street in the early morning hours.....around 5 AM. Also about two weeks ago, our neighbors chickens were out free ranging and sadly they lost one chicken to the fox. The circle of life. Nature is so beautiful but so cruel at the same time. The survival of the fittest.

Life goes on. Nature goes on. Mother Nature sets her time clock and nothing stops it.
Please stay well and safe. xxoo


  1. Thanks for posting this. I remember your fox series from a couple of years ago and have wondered what they've been up to.

    Stay safe.

  2. Thanks Kerry. Two years ago they stayed in the den while the kits grew up. Last year, as soon as the kits were old enough, they moved from the den in my yard to another den. I'm not sure if they will stay this year or not, but hoping to get some pictures of them before they move them.