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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Chittenden Reservior and Lefferts Pond

Day four of Foliage Trip:

On day four we left my house in Barton at 5:15 AM and drove down to Killington to visit my friends M1, M2, and their friend Patty who I blogged about the other day. We met them at Kent Pond in Killington at 7:30 but it was very windy and there were no reflections, so we then immediately headed to Chittenden which was the next stop of the morning on our itinerary. It was a smart move, as this area is low lying and protected from the wind.

Here is Chittenden Reservior. I was hoping for some morning fog but there was none on this particular day.

As you can see, although not yet peak, the colors in this area were much better than the colors that we had been seeing thus far up in the Northeast Kingdom.

Just a quick walk past the reservior you will find Leffert's Pond. This was the best color we had seen all week.

From here we went back to M and M's rental home and had some delicious homemade scones. I'll write about our next adventures of this day on the next blog post.

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