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Monday, October 16, 2017

Burke Mountain, Sentinal Rock Park, and more

More from the Vermont Foliage Week........

Monday Oct 2:

This was the only truly foggy morning we had all week. I LOVE foggy mornings, as they provide some wonderful photo opportunities. Here is the sunrise over Crystal Lake in Barton that I shot from a pullout over Rte 5.

From here I went to May Pond in Barton where I was able to capture these two Mallard Ducks doing a morning fly over the foggy pond.

After a delicious breakfast at Parsons Corner in Barton, we drove to the base of the Toll Road at Burke Mountain in East Burke, where we met up with some good friends of mine who have a Killington rental home each Fall. M1 and M2 are such a wonderful couple and I always enjoy meeting up with them. This year they were accompanied by their friend Patty who is a very talented landscape photographer and it was a pleasure to meet her. This was her first Fall trip to VT and I was happy to be able to show her around "My" area of the Northeast Kingdom.

Once we drove the toll road to the top we wandered around and decided the chair lift area was a cool place to take some photos.The two "humps" in the background of this shot are The Willoughby Gap......Mount Hor and Mount Pisgah.... with Lake Willoughby laying between the two mountains.

M's beautiful dog Corby enjoying the view from the chairlift.

From here we headed back to my home in Barton to meet up with my friend Rhonda (and my tripod!)  our next stop was to photograph along Shadow Lake Road in Glover where I took this farm image.

We then drove to Westmore to see Lake Willoughby. This was Patty's first time in the NEK and no matter what the foliage conditions, Lake Willoughby is a must see spot and I didn't want Patty to miss seeing this gorgeous location. I actually didn't even take any photos on this visit as I just wasn't "feeling it". I've been spoiled by photographing here so many times in the past with ideal conditions.

From here, they asked me if we could head up towards Bloomfield to search for the elusive moose. We arrived in the area about 35 minutes later and as has been the case over the past several years, we didn't find any moose. The hillsides were past peak in some areas, and still green in other areas. I know.....sounds like a broken record! While wandering around waiting for the moose who never arrived, I decided to take a few shots of things I found to be rather interesting.

From here we said goodbye to M1, M2, and Patty who headed back to their base home in Killington. My companions and I went to Sentinel Rock Park in Westmore and photographed the most beautiful sunset of the week.

The almost full moon rising in the sky opposite the sunset....

It was a wonderful day with friends, and despite the lack of decent foliage colors, I was still able to come away with a few photos that I am happy with.

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