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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Wicked Tulips Flower Farm, Johnston RI

The warm temperatures of Spring have finally arrived here in Southern New England, and it feels so fine!!!!Yesterday I had a wonderful time at the Wicked Tulips Flower Farm with Miss J and the kids. I would recommend a visit here if you are a flower lover (especially tulips). There are acres of beautiful tulip fields, and the best part is you can pick the tulips for a dollar each.

Baskets and buckets are provided to place your picked flowers into. There is a wrapping station where paper and tape are provided to wrap your flowers to transport home.

 They also recommend you bring a bucket of water to place the flowers in during your car ride home which I did and it worked out well.

We arrived just after the opening time of ten o'clock. I would recommend you arrive early as well, because it does get crowded. Also, you should purchase your tickets in advance online as they sell out quickly, even during the week.

Love the color explosion!

Ryleigh and Stevie xxooo

Happy Spring!!!! (Finally) 


  1. What happy, beautiful children enjoying the fields of flowers! Stevie is "cute as a button" and Ryleigh is getting so tall! Thanks for a delightful trip to Johnston, Rhode Island.

    1. Thank you Cynthia. It really is a beautiful spot to visit. Thanks for the compliments on the kids. They bring so much joy. :-)

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    1. Thank you Kerry. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.