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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Swan Nest Building, Jenny Pond Plymouth MA

It's that time of year again when Mother Nature tells all of her little critters that it's time for making babies. If you are a regular follower here on the blog, you may remember the fox and kits that lived in a den in my backyard last Spring. It was such an incredible experience to watch the kits grow and watch and photograph their behaviors. They left the den last Summer and I wasn't sure of they would be back this year or not. Last night we were woken by the sound of the Vixen's Scream. It was loud and right in our backyard. I'm crossing my fingers that this is a good sign that they will be returning to the same den. Stay tuned for details on this.......

This blog post however is not about the fox (I got sidetracked) but about the local swans who are either nesting, or are still in the process of nest building. Last weekend I photographed the swans at Jenny Pond in Plymouth, as they were in the nest building process.

And here is my Abington hometown swan sitting on her nest....

I'm looking forward to all of the Spring babies.


  1. O, I do hope the Abington swan family has better luck this season. I like the curve of the pond edge; it mimics her round body!

  2. I;m hoping things turn out well for them this year as well. Thanks Cynthia.