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Thursday, April 9, 2015

In Flight

Day 20/365

Three Mallard Ducks soaring above Island Grove Pond in Abington the other day. It's so nice to see that the majority of the snow has melted in the background.


  1. It's great to see the return of the swans and ducks after the winter. Tuesday evening I heard the peepers loud and clear at a spot near the Middleboro rotary that I check each year. Nope, no peeper pics! LOL

    1. I haven't heard any peppers yet Cynthia! Yes, so nice to have the wildlife returning. Are you going t attend Greg's upcoming workshop in Middleboro? I think I'm going to make it and was hoping I would see you there.

    2. Unfortunately, I have an Annual Lunch Meeting of a society I'm a member of on that same day. I've enjoyed the last 3 years photographing at the Trading Post with Greg. I'll be watching here to see what I missed; the old hay wagon sinks lower into the ground each year! I like its iron-rimmed wheels. Catch you elsewhere I hope.