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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Day in Abington

What a gorgeous day we had today!! It was so nice to be out with my camera in the fresh air and sunshine. What a treat after such a long winter. Spring has finally arrived. It reminds me of something I read on a Vermont Photography site that I belong to. Someone recently posted......they were out photographing and asked a man, "Do you think Spring will ever arrive"? To which the man replied, (only as a true Vermonter would)......."Well it always does"!
It gave me a chuckle!!!!

So here are a few images from one of my favorite stomping grounds.....the cemetery. :-)

The Eastern Painted Turtles were out sunbathing today:

Mr Mallard was out for a swim:

Mrs. Mallard was nearby the Mr.

It was a lovely day for a stroll along the pond:

I hope you enjoyed your day too!

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