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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Has Spring arrived????

What a beautiful day we had today here in Southern New England. We had bright sunshine and temps in the 40's. It was the kind of day that puts you in a good mood. I swear sometimes I think I suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder, and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

My Dad is still in the rehab from his recent hospitalization. He has a beautiful private room, with sliding doors that look out onto the back lawn. There are a few bird feeders right outside his room, and it's so nice to sit and look out at nature. There have been quite a few turkey sightings back there in the short time that he's been there. My Dad LOVES to be in the sun. He is really happy in his room at the rehab. It's a nice change for him. Since my Mom's passing, he has not been very happy in his apartment. It's lonely for him, and it has so many memories of her. It's natural for him to feel this way.....but it still makes me sad. He will be a very happy guy once he can go outside and sit in the sun.

Here he is today, enjoying his time in the sun:

Makes you wonder what he's thinking. I hope they are happy thoughts..........


  1. Hope your dad gets to go outside in the sun on one of your many day trips soon!

  2. Me too Nancy! Can't wait to take him!