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Monday, October 21, 2013

Flagg Pond, Stannard VT

Mr. S accompanied me on a scouting trip to Flagg Pond when we were up in VT this past August. It is a remote, fairly unknown pond up in the NEK of VT. I wanted to see a couple of things. First, I wanted to see about the lighting.....would it be a morning shot or an afternoon shot....(from best vantage point, would want to shoot the time of day where the sun would be behind me.) Also, wanted to check the access to this pond because I wanted to bring my camera club here. I don't like bringing them anyplace that I haven't scouted myself....want to make sure the roads going in and out are in good condition etc. I also wanted to check on the aesthetic beauty of the pond. Did it have what it takes to make a good Fall landscape photograph?
This was a very successful scouting trip and I got all of my questions answered. I learned the best time of day for shooting here would be afternoon, because during the morning scouting trip I was shooting directly into the morning sun. I also really liked the look of the hillsides behind the pond, and was hoping to get some nice Fall reflections on my return visit.
Here is a record shot taken during that August scouting trip:

As you can see, just a "ho-hum" image. Certainly not the best lighting etc. But, I knew this place had "good bones" and got excited with the thought of returning here in the Fall with my camera club.

So, on Saturday, Sept 27th, I arrived here with some camera club friends and the conditions were perfect for photography. The foliage was peak, the sky was a perfect deep blue with beautiful white puffy clouds to add interest and add to the reflections, and there was no wind......the water was still and the surrounding hillsides, trees, and sky reflected beautifully in the still water.

I just love it when Mother Nature cooperates!!!!! It was perfect and I have lots of happy memories of this time spent with friends.


  1. I loved this beautiful & peaceful! Comparing the shots of the 2 seasons it hardly looks like the same place. Mother nature was good to us this fall....wish it would last longer!!! Until next year :) Beautiful landscapes!

  2. Thanks Diane. I'm so glad you loved this place, and I'm glad we found it that day. I know what you mean about it not even looking like the same place as the first time I went there. I was sooooooo happy that afternoon when we arrived and saw the Autumn afternoon view!!!