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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Crystal Lake, Barton VT

Well hello!!! This has been such an incredibly busy few weeks for me. I have been making trips back and forth to VT doing what I love to do best......photographing Fall in New England......and in between I have been spending time and photographing precious Ryleigh who I just can not get enough of!!!!!! I also did a Senior Portrait session of adorable Alyssa in between all of this. So, I have so much to share with you here on the blog, which makes me very happy.
Let's get back to my wonderful Camera Club weekend in the NEK from a few weekends ago. It was such an amazing trip. The weather, the foliage the friendships......ahhhhhh sweet Heaven!!!!

Here are a few of my favorite images taken at Crystal Lake. This first image was taken by the boat ramp along Rte 5, just as the sun was breaking through the morning fog.

And here is my favorite spot to shoot this lake from in the afternoon. The sun is behind your back and lights up this glorious maple tree!!!!

Here is another morning fog shot taken along Rte 5 in Barton.

I can feel the morning fog, and smell the wonderful musky pine scent of Fall in New England just by looking at these images. Sigh. 

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