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Friday, June 21, 2013

Tracy Pond Baxter State Park

There's a very short trail to get to Tracy Pond. The trail is mostly flat with a few hilly spots and many tree roots to watch out for. There is a short but steep hill to get down to the base of the pond. We went on a cloudy overcast morning so the distant mountain views were obscured by clouds.

A few members of my group decided to keep going along the trail to Elbow Pond, but I was certain that a moose was going to come out and feed and certainly did not want to miss it!!!!!
Well, the moose never came out. We waited....and waited....and waited......
I eventually sat down while I waited and liked the view from the ground. For example....this tree root beside where I sat caught my eye:

A Ring Necked Duck swam along as we waited....

Love the coloring!!!!

It eventually flew across the pond to gather with it's friends....

That was about the most exciting thing that happened at Tracy Pond that morning. Oh, except for the Black Flies and mosquitoes, but it's June after all. We expected it and we were prepared. But, no matter how prepared I was.....and I really was prepared wearing a bug shirt with a hood that zipped over my face and carrying travel sized bug spray with me, I still managed to get some bites.
So is the life of a nature photographer.........

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