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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Six Month Old Kilian :-)

I had the pleasure of visiting Kilian and his mom and dad the other day.
Kilian's mom, Kim, is one of Miss J's best friends, and it was so awesome to see Kim all grown up, married, living in a beautiful home with her wonderful husband Pat, and of course her beautiful baby Kilian.

Kilian's eyes just get to me....look at these eyes!!!!

I think he gets his eyes from Kim:

And how handsome is Pat? What a beautiful family!

We didn't get too many outdoor pictures because it was one of those ninety something degree days with the humidity at the top of the charts.

But we had fun indoors!

Thanks guys. I had so much fun and it allowed me some practice time for when Miss J's baby comes along! **wink**

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