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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Grandparent for the day....again!

I have been filling in as "Grandma for the day" for my buddies James and Eric the past few years. Grandparents are celebrated at the elementary school this week every year, and one day during the week the grandparents are invited to school to have lunch with their grandchildren. Eric and James' real grandparents live out of state, so I humbly and with honor fill in for them at the grandparents lunch each year.
This year big brother James goes to the Middle School, so I only went in for lunch with my buddy Eric.
However, Eric's best friend Boots didn't have a grandparent to come in, so I brought lunch for Boots as well. Heck, I could fill in and be grandma for any kid who needed one! :-)
Here are Eric and Boots (Eric on the left)

After we had lunch, we went to their classroom where Eric presented me with two bookmarks he is for me and one is for Mr S. Boots made his bookmark for his Grandpa who is battling cancer.....he is such a great kid and he talked nonstop about his Grandpa was clear how much he loves his Grandpa and I was so happy to be there for him today.

So, how happy and well adjusted is Eric???? Take a look at is hanging on the wall outside his classroom. Makes me smile! :-)

Thanks for the lunch date Eric and Boots. I had a ball! :-)

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  1. Carol, thank you filling in as a grandparent for Eric. I know he cares for you very much and he couldn't ask for a better substitute Grandma.
    Thank you again,
    From Granmda Trina