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Monday, May 20, 2013

Abington Swans Are Born!

What a happy day in the town of Abington!!! The local celebrities (a pair of nesting swans) welcomed 3 cygnets into their family today.....with two more eggs still to be hatched.

Mother and child:

This is the cygnet which was born yesterday. He's already all fluffed up and as cute as cute can be!!!!

This next image shows this playful cygnet as he popped out from unders Mama's wing. It was so precious. Please take note of the little cygnet poking out from under Mama's wing to the left. . This one was just born while I was there and he/she is still all wet and droopy compared to the little one that was born yesterday. Truly amazing!

"Under My Wing"

Here are 3 cygnets and two eggs still unhatched under Mama.

I hope they stay safe........


  1. Your photos are always wonderful, but the third one is absolutely stunning!

  2. So precious!!!!!

  3. absolutely beautiful.. Was there today,5/21 and could not get over how big the babies were...thought they'd be much smaller. They were adorable...all little fuzzballs! Was surprised to see the size of the 2 eggs yet to be hatched. One baby was so tired that it would be awake and looking for a minute, then the head and bill face down into the nest. So amazing to see. Proud Dad floating gracefully just feet away watching over everything. Amazing! Thanks so much for capturing this!

  4. Thank you Janice. I like the third one too!

  5. Thanks Nancy! It was fun running into you down there today! :-)

  6. Precious story about your visit. Thanks for sharing it!!! They are just too cute!