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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Abington Swans day three

More swan and cygnet images today. I just can't help myself......

To give you a better idea of the location from where I am taking these photos......this is what a typical day looks like along the fence. At times, the crowd can grow to two rows deep!

Here is a closeup of a very tired Mama sitting on the nest with the two remaining eggs under her:

Mama doing a big stretch:

A little peak-a-boo from behind Mama:

These next two are from today. It was windy down there today. Dad was on the nest and Mama was in the water with the babies. Here's Dad:

Blowin' In The Wind"....

Tomorrow I will share some geese/gosling images. The goslings are precious and I know they will put a smile on your face so stay tuned!

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