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Friday, October 19, 2012

Owl's Head Groton State Forest

Groton State Forest in Vermont is a beautiful place to visit in any season, but the Fall is my favorite time of the year to visit here. The next few blogs that I write will be about different areas of this state forest, and todays blog is about Owls Head Mountain.
There is a long, narrow, dirt road that leads you up the mountain to a small circular parking area. Once there, there is a trail marker to a trail that is a short steep hike to the top of the mountain. This is a very popular hike. What most people don't know about, is there is another trail that you can take which is flat and opens up to a beautiful view. This trail is located on the right hand side of the parking lot. The foliage was brilliant the day I was there. It was peak and it was gorgeous. If it had been a clear day with blue skies, the view beyond would also have been beautiful, but I am not complaining at all with the view that I had!


  1. The COLORS! Wow, I've never seen such a pretty array xo Melissa

  2. Thanks Melissa. We were very fortunate to see these colors in person. It really was spectacular!