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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Cardinal Rule

What a difference a day makes, huh? After getting nailed with a Nor'easter overnight and all day today, the snow is finally winding down. I find the "pop" of red color in a snow scene to be very it a red barn contrasting against the white snow, or a person out in the snow wearing a red jacket, and one of my most favorite red/snow scenes is a male Cardinal against a snowy background.
The Specs:
Nikon D90, 18-200 mm lens, ISO 400, 1/80, f5.6


  1. Such a pretty picture Carol.
    I love the red against all that white.

  2. So THAT'S where the male cardinal is hiding! I only saw the female at my feeders. Great shot.

  3. Hi Tracy,
    Actually, we have both the male and the female coming around here. They are just very very elusive, and it's quite challenging to get a shot of them. I don't have any of her.......yet. :)