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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Did you know?

The cane shape
"The distinctive "hook" shape associated with candy canes is traditionally credited to a choirmaster at Cologne Cathedral in Germany, who, legend has it, in 1670 bent straight candy sticks into canes to represent a shepherd's crook, and gave them to children at church services.[5] The shepherd's staff is often used in Christianity as a metaphor for The Good Shepherd Jesus Christ. It is also possible that, as people decorated their Yule trees with food, the bent candy cane was invented as a functional solution."
                                                                                                 ****From Wikipedia****


  1. thought i'd share a song w/ you...
    "oh candy cane oh candy cane
    your minty and delightful

    oh candy cane oh candy cane
    I love you every biteful

    your tasty flavor is so sweet
    your handle makes you fun to eat

    oh candy cane oh candy cane
    I love your stripes and flavor"

    ...yes there is no doubt about it I am 100% your daughter...

  2. Thanks for the song Miss J!!!!! Yes, you sure are my daughter. It's a proud moment for me. ;-)