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Friday, December 10, 2010

Caught in the act! :-)

I went to the mall today to start my Christmas shopping (I know, better late than never). This is a photo of one of my bestest friends, Mary. She bagged me taking pictures at the mall, and I bagged her walking through the mall on her cell phone. It was great to run into you today Mary......literally. :-)
On another note, today is day 266 which means only 99 more days to go. We are down to double digits!!!! Thanks again to all who support me both publicly and privately. I know there are many others who view my blog project on a regular basis..........I caught Mary in the act today, and she caught I would like to catch YOU!!!!!!!!!! Come on you lurkers out there...........please let me catch you in the act of lurking and leave a comment and introduce yourself. I really would love to hear from you!!!!!! Thanks!


  1. Don't feel bad Carol, I was at the mall yesterday
    starting mine.
    We not only have to be good cause Santa is watching.....Carol is watching too!!!!!!!
    I can't believe it's under 100 days left!

  2. Thanks Nancy!!!!!! I can't believe it either.

  3. I guss all my lurkers must be shy..........:-)