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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Goings On At The Nest ( Abington Swans )

We still have 3 cygnets and two unhatched eggs as of this afternoon. Here are  few images of the goings on at the nest yesterday.
When I arrived, Dad was sitting in the nest on the two eggs, and Mama was in the water with the three babies:

Dad was VERY ATTENTIVE and alert to any noises. He is a very good protective father. At one point, Mama alerted him to a possible problem and within a millisecond he was off that nest and in the water in protective mode. It happened so incredibly fast I didn't even have time to frame him in my camera. You can see Mama's expression and Dad's reaction in this next image:

After a minute or two they decided there was no threat, so Dad hopped back up on the nest to sit on the remaining eggs:

Mama then decided that she and the babies had enough swim time so they joined Dad on the nest. It was so darn cute to see the little ones try to climb back up on the nest....but they all made it!!!

Home Sweet Home........

Stay tuned tomorrow for more images!!!!

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  1. They are so sweet!!! So glad you captured these images - Melissa