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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Killington VT

On one of the days of our recent VT vacation, Mr S and I traveled 3 hours from Barton to Killington, where we met up with some friends for a fun afternoon and a delicious lunch. It was a foggy rainy morning, but after the lunch, the clouds lifted a bit and we decided to head out and explore the Killington area......a place I have never been to before and I really wanted to see.......despite the weather.
One of our first stops was to Kent Pond........a beautiful scenic pond with a mountainous backdrop. Unfortunately, the low clouds and fog prevented us from seeing the hillsides beyond the pond, and the lighting was very flat, but I was happy just to be there. Of course I hope to return on a nicer day weatherwise at some point!
There is a pretty waterfall located at Kent Pond that we had a fun time exploring.

From here we decided to drive up to the Gondola at Killington Mountain. One of my friends, a Vermont native, was hoping that perhaps if we took a gondola ride to the top of the mountain, we may be above the clouds. This would have been really great, but we were told that the top of the mountain was socked in with zero visiblity. The best laid plans..........

It was difficult to find a scenic spot on the mountain worthy to photograph, so I was happy when we stopped a little further down the mountain at this spot.

Despite the weather, I really enjoyed the day at Killington. The colors (that you could find not fogged in) :-0) were really beautiful.

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