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Friday, October 12, 2012

Chandler Pond Farm

I made a visit to photograph Chandler Pond Farm in Wheelock VT with some of my camera club friends. Here is a description of the farm taken from their official website:

"600 scenic acres of fields and forests with 50 acres of pond and wetlands, located in Vermont's beautiful Northeast Kingdom. Chandler Pond Farm is a family farm operated by Rob & Tamara Martin using organic practices. The Martins are committed to small scale sustainable production of a wide diversity of vegetable, dairy and meat products."
Here is a link to their website:
The owners were very welcoming to us and our cameras. They told us how to get to the sugarhouse which was down the road and up a path on the property.

Unfortunately for us, it was raining pretty hard the day of our visit. You can see the raindrops in the out of focus area in this next image where I focused on the side of one of the barns and let the foliage in the background go nice and soft.

The cows didn't mind the rain one bit!

The farmstand was full of fresh veggies, real VT maple syrup that was canned right there at the farm, and lots of pumpkins! I bought a few things and can attest that everything was delicious and nice and fresh. I always support the local farmers whenever I can.

We had an enjoyable visit, despite the rain. I am planning on going back to visit here again and again. One could spend a half a day photographing on these beautiful grounds. The pond is located behind the main barn, but we did not take any pictures of the pond due to the weather conditions. I can't wait to go back here!!

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