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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More with Josie

Just a few more images taken on Sunday morning while out shooting with Josie. This is an old abandoned barn in Barton, with the Jay Peak range off in the distance. We first took a few shots from street level, then I took Josie up on the hill at the golf club across the street to show her how different the perspective can be from a higher spot.
We both liked the way the sun was lighting up some of the mountain tops.
Josie wanted to take me to a lookout tower in Brownington, so that was our next stop. As we were hiking up the hill to the tower, Josie stopped to take a picture of a lone tree at the crest of the hill. I was VERY IMPRESSED with her "eye" for this composition........and when I asked to see the image that she took on her LCD screen, I was expecting that I would be teaching her to not center or "bullseye" the subject (the tree), but instead place the tree over in the left third of the frame. Guess what?????? Yup.......Josie had already composed her image that way. Not only that, but she said "Did you see the bird in the tree??? Isn't that great that a bird was there"??
Yes......this kid is on her way to being a great photographer. Her'e my lone tree image:

And finally, here's the view from the top of the lookout tower:

Fun time!!!! :-)

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  1. Love the farm shot Carol. It is truly outstanding!