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Friday, February 24, 2012

A gray day

Hi........The weekend is here. This felt like such a short week to me, probably because of the Monday Holiday. This will be a working weekend for me.
So, today was a very dreary damp drizzly day here in SE MA. We got some fat wet snowflakes for a short time this morning, but they didn't stick to anything. I took the folks out today. We drove down to the beach in Weymouth, and out to Webb Park. I know I've done a good amount of grumbling about the weather lately. However, today's weather was lousy in a good way. The fog and drizzle helped to make some moody images.

Have a good weekend everyone!!!


  1. Cool Shot. Don't work too hard. See you Sunday!!

  2. You always manage too make even a gray day look beautiful!

  3. Thanks KB. One day down, one more to go. Work wasn't bad at all today....a good day!