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Friday, September 9, 2022

Coastal Maine Labor Day Weekend

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We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend up in Maine. The weather was perfect. Sunny days with temps in the 70's and cool crisp nights with lows in the 40's and 50's. There was definitely a Fall feel in the air. This was a family trip, not a dedicated photography trip. Most of these photos are just "record" shots taken in the middle of the day with poor lighting conditions........but...........I did use my camera for some of these (others are from cell phone). It felt great to use my camera again. 

Nubble Light in York Maine Friday morning,

Me and Mr S:

Beach roses

Iconic Reds Eats in Wiscasset ME along Route 1. There's always a long line of patrons waiting to buy their famous lobster roll.

A touch of early Fall colors in Blue Hill Maine

Winter Harbor

Lobster cart vendor in Winter Harbor where we bought lobster rolls for lunch on Saturday. They were really good.

 Frenchman's Bay

Grindstone Neck in Winter Harbor
(My favorite shot of the weekend taken w my camera)

Birch Harbor

Late Saturday afternoon into late Saturday night we attended a Labor Day party at Mr S's cousin's house in Holden. It was a lot of fun. There were 8 different bands performing. The music, the food, the company, the atmosphere were all so good for the soul. 

Video of cousin Greg playing an original song

Please enlarge screen when viewing the videos  

Cousin Brian

I hope you also enjoyed your Labor Day weekend. I'm looking forward to this upcoming weekend and should have more photos to share here on the blog. Thank you for stopping by!

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