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Monday, May 24, 2021

Sunrise at Plymouth Rock

 Pilgrim Memorial State Park is located along the shore of Plymouth Harbor, in Plymouth Massachusetts. Nobody knows for sure, but the rock featured here is reported to be the stepping stone that the inhabitants of the Mayflower stepped on when embarking from the Mayflower.

One of my friends informed me that on this particular morning, the sun would rise directly in the center of the Plymouth Rock Monument. We arrived before sunrise and I took a few shots from the street. I shot this one shortly after we arrived:

This next photo was taken about ten minutes later from the opposite direction:

Here comes the sun. This image was a combination of 8 different exposed images blended together in Lightroom. I used this method due to the high level of contrast in the scene to get the highlights and shadows correctly.

The history we have in this area is just one more reason why I love living in New England.


  1. You & friend were blessed with a beautiful sunrise to illuminate through the Plymouth Rock portico. And you caught it dead center, too! Fabulous lighting on these pics with the antique street lights.

  2. Love it! You really captured the beauty of New England.