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Monday, November 9, 2020

Evening photos of Kent Pond and Killington Pond

 Continuing on with more Fall photos taken last month in Vermont, I'd like to share with you a few photos I took at dusk in Killington.

Through the years, I've visited Kent Pond at three different times, but have never gotten any photos that I would consider to be "keepers." Either the light wasn't right, the foliage wasn't right, or the wind was blowing which resulted in choppy water with no reflections of the trees.

October 6, 2020

This particular evening, the wind was still, the colors were beautiful, and the sky had an interesting cloud formation. I was very happy to finally get an image here that I like.

From here, we went just up the road to Killington Pond to photograph the evening light. Again, I have also photographed at Killington Pond on several occasions, but the conditions just weren't right.

4 second exposure:

6 second exposure as the light was quickly fading:

I'm happy with these two photos, but just wish the mountain in the background had more color. There's always next year and I know one of these years I will get it just right. That's part of the thrill and fun of photography for me.

A quick funny story about this evening at Killington Pond. When I arrived a couple was sitting on the bench as I was setting up to shoot. I said hello to them, and noticed the man kept staring at me. Kind of freaky for a minute.....but then the man asked me if my name was Carol.......I said yes, and he introduced himself. He is a photographer who follows me on social media and I also follow him. I have NO idea how he could recognize me wearing a mask, as we have never personally met each other before. It can be such a small world sometimes, and it was nice to meet him in person.

Stay safe and well my friends. xxoo


  1. I like your funny story. Reminds me of when I ran into Shawn Carey in the Florida wetlands. We never met but we knew each other belonged to the SSCC.

  2. Crazy. It's such a small world!