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Friday, May 10, 2019

Fox Kits

My son has a fox den at his house. I've gone down with my camera a few times to take some photos.

The first photos I took....

Two kits sleeping at the den:

walking on the hillside:

Stopping and staring at me after hearing the sound of my shutter:

Hanging out at the den:

Here are a few photos taken a few days ago.....

I shot this from my sons front porch looking up his front yard:

At the den. The black to the right of this kit is the entrance to the den:

Going up the hill towards the den entrance. You can see the entrance at the top of this photo:

Another shot I took up the hill from the front yard:

I was down there for a few hours early this morning but didn't get any decent photos. The kits were around for the most part but were mostly hanging around the den. They were playing and wrestling but the branches and brush were in the way. My goal is to catch them paying and wrestling out in the open. I'll keep trying.


  1. Thanks Salty. They really are adorable!

  2. Carol, you find the the best hidden, local wild animals that most people have no idea are around living amongst us! Thanks for sharing a part of their lives with us.

    1. Thank you Cynthia. I'm so glad you are enjoying them.