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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Christmas Photo Shoot Test Shot

Yesterday was a fun but very tiring day. I set up a pseudo photography studio in my bedroom, and had all 3 Grand Kids over to shoot their Christmas photos.
I tip my hat to all of the professional portrait photographers out there.....especially the ones who shoot children. It's a lot of work and it's not easy.  At ALL!

The image I am sharing today is the very first picture that I shot of the day. I had Ryleigh lay on my bed to do a test shot. (I set up Christmas lights hanging off my headboard)

I was fairly happy with this image, and I loved the bokeh that I got from the Christmas lights. I was thinking "this is going to be easier than I thought." Boy, was I wrong!!!! It was extremely difficult to get a decent shot of 3 year old Ryleigh with her 2 and 1/2 month old brother. One would look good, the other one not so much. And visa versa.  Then there was almost 7 month old Henry who refused to smile for Nana's camera. He would just stare at it with a straight face. It took an act of Congress to get him to smile.

Nana was very tired by the end of the photo shoot. :-)

I will share some of the Christmas pictures I got of them, along with the set up that I used in a few weeks. (Don't want to put them out publicly in case they use them for their Christmas cards.)

In the meantime I hope you enjoy this picture of my pretty little Ryleigh!!! xxoo

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