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Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Memories

I hope all of your Holiday plans and "to do lists" are going well. One thing I find very bothersome is when people complain about the "stress" of the Holiday season. This shouldn't be stressful! It is a time for us to celebrate and we shouldn't lose sight of the meaning of the season.

So today I started my holiday baking. It's funny how the little things in life can bring back such strong memories. I'm sure it happens to you as well. As I was making my apple pie, I grabbed the measuring spoons out of the drawer. These measuring spoons belonged to my Mother....they are very old metal spoons, but are still very usable. As I grabbed the spoons and looked at them, childhood memories of me baking with my Mother for the holidays came flooding into my head. I grabbed the spoons tightly and tears came to my eyes. I miss her so much. It will be three years this February since she went home to Heaven but I felt her presence as though she were baking alongside of me today.

It's funny how an object such as measuring spoons can do that to you.

And here's the final apple crumb top pie that I bake for my Father every year. He loves this pie and I love to bake it for him.

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