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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

A new weekly feature on the blog.......

One of the bloggers that I follow has a "Wordless Wednesday" that she posts each week. I always enjoy these Wednesday posts, and now I have been inspired to do the same on my own blag. Thank you to for the inspirations. Please check out her blog, as she has some wonderful images to share.


  1. Beautiful
    I can see a canoe gliding by, smell the leaves, and hear loons.

  2. At the risk of violating the wordless theme, can you tell us where this image was made?

    1. Ha. You are funny Kerry. :-) Yes, I can violate the rules. :-) This was taken on a very little pond on the side of the road on Rte 112 out of Woodstock NH heading through Kinsman Notch.