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Friday, October 28, 2016

Jobs Pond, Westmore VT

I always thought that Jobs Pond was located in Newark VT, but I recently discovered it is actually located in Westmore. Oops.........which means previous blog posts that I have written about Jobs Pond have been incorrect.

Anyway.....I visited Jobs Pond on 2 different days during this year's peak foliage season. The first visit was on Oct. 4th. It was mostly overcast when I arrived, but just before I left, the sky began to clear.

This first image was taken along the North side of the pond.

This image was taken from the access along the Eastern side of the pond just before I departed, as the sky was clearing.

This image was taken 2 days later than the previous two images, on Oct. 6th.

Such a beautiful and tranquil place to visit.


  1. Really nice work, Carol.

    If I may do you get to the north side of the pond (i.e. the first image)? I actually did make it to Jobs Pond on the very last day I was in the area (Oct. 5, the day I transitioned to New Hampshire). All I found was the single public access area (i.e. where you shot the second and third images in your series above).

  2. Hi Kerry,
    When standing at the access area facing the pond, if you go into the woods on your right you will come to an opening where you can see the pond. That's where I shot the first image from.