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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Is Fall Approaching?

Today is a beautiful top ten day here in Southern New England. When I went out this morning, my car exterior temp was reading 58 degrees. There is no humidity today and as I write this the temp. is 80 degrees with deep blue sky and plentiful sunshine.

We are in a pretty severe drought here in my neck of the woods and if we don't get much rain soon, we just may beat the record for the least amount of rainfall during the Summer in Boston. Not a record we want to break.

The trees are stressed and some are already starting to change to their Fall colors. The good news is that there has been more rainfall up in Northern New England this Summer than we have had down here in Southern New England, although there is still a deficit in rainfall up there.

Here's a sample of some Fall color I found two weeks ago up in the NEK of VT.

Of course this is not the norm, but it's just one of the signs that Fall is not far off!

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