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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Westport MA Allen's Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

Took a wonderful day trip to Westport MA with Mr. S yesterday. This is a beautiful coastal town which sits on Buzzard's Bay and the Atlantic Ocean in Southeast MA. It is also a very active farming is dotted with numerous farms, beautiful open fields, and stone walls galore.

Here is one of the farms we passed along our travels

There are several trails you can choose to take at the Allen's Pond Wildlife Sanctuary. We chose to take the Coastal Trail. It starts at the parking area, meanders through an open field with a beautifully mowed path that leads you to the ocean.

Mr. S walking the trail towards the ocean

A Red Winged Blackbird perches on one of the nesting boxes

A beachgoer enjoying the view taken from behind as I was approaching the beach on the trail

What we saw when we arrived at the beach

Notice the stone wall in the background

A Cormorant in flight

Beach Roses and rocks

The trail takes you along the rocks down the beach, up to a rocky path and then down off the rocks onto another rocky beach which is a beautiful cove.
 15 image panorama. 

A Common Tern in flight

A was a glorious day

Flowers growing along one of the stone walls


Last but not least, we had a wonderful late lunch/early dinner at the Bayside, which is located across the street from Allen's Pond. Had one of the best lobster rolls ever.........delicious fresh lobster meat piled high on a bed of lettuce on a grilled hot dog roll served with a side of melted butter and mayonnaise. Truly delicious.

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