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Thursday, November 12, 2015

United Methodist Church, Chelsea VT

As you know, the Fall color this season was spotty and difficult to predict. While it was peak in some areas, it would be early in areas just a few miles away. The hillsides turned before the higher elevations. There was some awesome jaw dropping amazing color to be found.......but where you found it and when you found it really had no rhyme or reason.

Here is the United Methodist Church (The West Hill Church) in Chelsea VT. I wanted to photograph this church surrounded by some nice Fall color, but when we arrived, there was barely any color to be found. But.......a few miles up the road from here we saw some great color. Go figure. I'm still pretty happy with this image that I made of this church. I used what little color I could find to my advantage.

Perhaps another year I will return here to see some more Fall color. I always love the look of an old New England church in the Autumn season.

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  1. So peaceful ~ ~ That sugar maple kept some of its color waiting for you to arrive! Lovely ~