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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ellisville Harbor State Park, Plymouth MA

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is just 4 days away. Where has this year gone? Time is passing by way too fast these days. The older I get, the quicker the days are going by.
On another note, yesterday was a beautiful November day here in SE MA. The sky was deep blue, the temperature was chilly, but not too chilly....... That is until you got down to the beach. I went to photograph the seals at Ellisville Harbor SP in Plymouth with some members of my camera club. The wind was really brisk down by the water and it really sent a biting chill to your bones after a while. We arrived late afternoon to some wonderful sunshine that helped to warm us up. But once the sun got lower in the sky the cold feeling really set in.

The reason for this outing was to photograph the harbor seals. However, they were very elusive and we only saw a few of them bobbing up and down in the water. They were pretty difficult to spot. Unfortunately they were too far away for me to get a decent shot with my 300 mm lens. I did get some shots, but I feel they are too soft to share here on the blog.

I went to plan B and found some other things to photograph.

A landscape of the beach:

The early moonrise from up above:

Some friends walking the beach:

A panning shot of the waves:

And finally my very first panoramic image that I have ever done. This is a series of six images stitched together in Lightroom. I was really impressed with how the software was able to line the waves up, I was expecting it to be a mess, as there were a few seconds between each shot that I took, but Lightroom somehow managed to still get them lined up.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. 

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