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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Plymouth Harbor

Day 106/365

I went to Plymouth Harbor last evening with two good friends. It was a perfect summer evening......temps were hot but there was a nice breeze down by the water. We had a great dinner and took some pictures. The only disappointment was the sunset.....or lack thereof. What looked like was going to be a promising sunset just fizzled behind the cloud cover and we never actually got treated with the colors we were hoping for. But that's how it goes with photography, and you just have to take whatever conditions Mother Nature hands to you.

Here is a shot of the harbor before we had dinner.

And a Cormorant resting on this skiff

After dinner, this gull was resting on a piling at the pier.

The best of the sunset. Minutes later the light was gone and that was it.

I don't see me catching up on all the days I have missed so I'll just keep on posting until I reach 365 days of posting. I hope you are enjoying the pictures.


  1. The gull on the pier post reminds me of a baby seal ~ ~