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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cordage Park Ducklings

Day 107/365

We stopped at the pond by Cordage Park in Plymouth and saw this Mama duck and her ducklings. They were so adorable. The ducklings look like they were recently born.....,my guess would be within the past week. This brings me a little bit of comfort to know that these ducklings were born so late in the season, because the Mama Swan is STILL sitting on her nest with three eggs at the Island Grove Pond in Abington.

How cute is this sight? I just love to see the baby wildlife.


  1. Love this photo, Carol. The reflection of the sky and clouds are wonderful!

    1. Thank you Rose. I like the reflections as well. I appreciate you stopping by to comment. Miss you.....hope you are having a wonderful summer!!

  2. Love pretty!!