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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Since my last blog post, we have received an additional 26 inches (plus) of snow. Within 17 days, we received over 70 inches of snow here in the Boston area of Southern New England. There is so much snow piled up here on The South Shore of Boston, that the National Guard has been called in to help with snow removal. I passed some of the National Guard trucks on my way home from work today. Here is one of them:

There are multiple building collapses in the area as well.

I hope to get out with the camera within the next day or two to take some pictures. Tomorrow we are expecting just a few more inches, with a probable Nor'Easter this weekend bringing more substantial snow (a foot plus) this weekend.



  1. Hi Carol, ~ Move over Buffalo, NY! ~ Massachusetts Rt 18 = the new Snowbelt. Deja vu Blizzard of '78. Stay warm and safe ~ Imagine Greg is spending time at Duxbury, buried in the beach drifts with his eye in the viewfinder searching for Snowys!

  2. Well believe or not I am soooo jealous!!! We can't seem to buy a snowflake out here in the west,:( and Iam so missing it. It may seem hard to believe but I'm sick of 50 & 60 degree weather and sunshine! If it's going to be winter then it dang well better be winter!!

  3. Ha ha Cynthia. I agree!!!! We are the new snowbelt. I hope Greg has a good pair of snow shoes if he's out shooting the snowys! :-)

  4. Oh Janice......I wish I could send some of our snow and cold out your way. That is so strange that you are having such a mild winter while we are getting hammered here. They just upgraded this weekend's upcoming storm to a "blizzard" with 12-18 inches of snow, very cold temps and very high winds. Oh joy. ;-)