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Friday, May 30, 2014

stony brook wildlife sanctuary

well hello!!!!!! i forgot to mention in my last post that it is my right arm that is out of commission, and i am a righty of course!!!! hence the lack of capitalization. it's kinda tough just using the left hand.

the week before the injury i took a trip to the stony brook wildlife sanctuary in norfolk ma with miss j and ryleigh. we had a wonderful morning spent with nature walking the trails around the pond,

the early spring views from the trail were very pretty

and we saw some wildlife as well

got my first photo of a red squirrel......i only see the grey ones around here

the tree swallows were nesting in the boxes

dad was bringing food back and forth

ryleigh had a fun time, the little diva!!!!!

i am planning on organizing a camera club trip here in the fall. it will be beautiful and i'm looking forward to it!

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