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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An over-nighter in Northern New England

Mr. S and I took a quick overnight trip up to our home in Barton VT yesterday. We had some business to attend to up there, so there was not much time to be out and about with the camera. (Darn it!)
One of my favorite parts about our drive up there is that we pass through Franconia Notch on our way. I just love driving through the is a beautiful area....the weather condtions change frequently....and you never know what you are going to see as you are driving through.

This is one of the sights we saw yesterday.

"The Last Bit of Frosting"

This morning we visited the Willoughby Falls in Orleans VT....just a short ten minute drive from our place in Barton. The reason for this visit was I was hoping to catch the Rainbow Trout and the Steehead Trout "jumping" as they make their way up to Lake Willoughby to spawn.

Unfortunately, we didn't see any jumpers today. One of the fishermen told me they tend to jump more in the bright was a bit too early in the morning. I will have to remember this for next time, as this is something I would love to witness and photograph. Here is a portion of the Willoughby Falls (sans the jumping trout!)

One of these years I will get it........

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  1. Tony will go with you and take a big net!! lol