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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Pneumonia Twins

It's been quite a while since I have blogged. I figured I'd let you know where I have been over the past few weeks.
As you know, the folks are a big part of my life. They turned 91 years old in August.....and in case you forgot....they share the same birthday....same day....same year.
They are like Mutt and Jeff. (That's a blast from the past, where the heck did I come up with that one????) They are like Ozzie and Harriet....Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.....peanut butter and jelly....cheese and crackers....spaghetti and meatballs....I must be hungry......
Where one begins the other one ends. So, when my mother took a bad fall and got admitted to the hospital with pneumonia two weeks ago, it didn't surprise us at all that the very next day my father was also admitted to the hospital with pneumonia.

Two peas in a pod I tell yah.......Or, two patients....a married couple......who share the same birthday....and share the same a hospital room together....

Oh they were both so so sick!!!! And my poor mother with her severe arthritis and lack of activity from being in bed after taking a bad fall.....her little legs were in really tough shape. She could not even stand up and take one step. It was scary. Was she ever going to be able to regain her legs? Would they both be able to go back home to their independent apartment, or were we going to have to move them over to the assisted living side???? Lots of uncertainty in their future......

Flash forward to a week and a half later, where they are both still recovering in a rehabilitation facility. Here is my mother walking the hall to get to the dining room at the rehab this afternoon:

That's right!!!! Look at her go!!!!!! I am so proud of her!!!! She has been working her butt off to get her strength back. She amazes me.....and honestly her motivation is purely unselfish. She just wants to get back to where she was so that she can take care of my father.


These two are the living definition of love. They both amaze me. And they amaze the rehab staff as well!!! 

Here they are at lunch today. Don't they look great????

At this point it looks like they both will be eventually returning back home. Where they belong. 


  1. Hi Carol,

    I am so happy they are doing so much better. They look wonderful. Please send them my love. and thank you for the email Mary Catherine did forward it for you .

    Christine R

  2. Thanks Christine. These two are like the energizer bunnies!!!! :-)