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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Little Snow Today

Helloooooo there. We woke up to an inch or two of snow here in SE MA this morning. By the time I headed out around 8:30 am, the snow had already turned to rain. I was hoping to get a decent landscape image. My camera club is having a competition with two other camera clubs and the images need to be taken between Oct 15th and March 15th so I wanted to get my butt out there shooting this morning. Unfortunately for me, I just wasn't "feeling it" for some reason. Could have been the raindrops, could have been the flat light, who knows, but I never did get any 'scapes I was happy with.
I did however visit with a few feathered friends down at Island Pond in Abington. Here is a Muscovy Duck......the pearlescent feather colors were beautiful!

And a graceful swan heading towards the bridge:

I hope you enjoyed your day!!

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