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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad!

We interrupt the regularly scheduled images of Vermont today to celebrate a milestone..............

Being able to celebrate your 90th birthday is a gift. Being able to celebrate your 90th birthday with your husband/wife is a blessing that very few people are able to experience. However, celebrating YOUR 90th birthday on the same day as your husband/wife is extraordinary!!!!!
The folks turned 90 years old today. Yes, that's right........they share the same birthday.......same day........same year!!!!
These two have seen so much in their lifetime and the world is a totally different place today than it was when they were kids. But one thing has always remained the same.... and that is their love for each other, their love of their families, and their faith in God.

We celebrated with a birthday lunch this afternoon.

The official party will be taking place with a family dinner at one of their favorite restaurants this Saturday. But we just had to kick off the festivites on the big day!
We are truly blessed!
My Mom told me the first thing she said to Dad this morning when she woke up was "WE MADE IT"!
Yes Mom, you sure did and we couldn't be any happier. We love you both !!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Mom & Dad White!!!!

    Having each each other at 90 yrs old has to be best birthday present ever! I'm so happy for you & your family.

  2. Thanks Diane! It's a very special day.......and as you know........just a few short months ago we weren't sure if this day was going to turn out this happy. It just wouldn't be right if they both weren't here to celebrate. We are blessed for sure!

  3. Happy Birthday Nana and Grampa!!! Every time I see there pictures on the blog it puts a smile on my face : )

  4. Well, I know that YOU put a smile on their faces everytime they see you too Miss J!

  5. Happy Birthday to your mom and dad!!
    Wow..90yrs and being able to share it with each other and their family..incredible!! They look so cute sitting in front of their cupcakes.

  6. They look great Carol! Please wish them both a big happy birthday from me!

  7. looking good :).. Birthday wishes to both.
    Christine R.

  8. Happy Birthday to your parents. What a blessing it is to see your dad looking so well. What a happy day for your whole family!

  9. Thanks so much Janice!!! Yes, he looks great!

  10. Yes, they both look grat MaryC! I'll send along your bday wishes to them. Thanks!

  11. Hi Nancy,
    Yesh, they do look cure sitting in front of their little cupcakes, huh? :-) Thanks!

  12. WOW! That is amazing! Your parents are adorable and with everything they and your dad went through recently, this day must have been even more special and poignant. We should all be so lucky! My husband and I share the same year of birth, but I am 47 days older. (Good thing he doesn't mind being married to an "old lady" ;-) ) Happy, happy birthday and here's to celebrating their 100th together! :-)

  13. Thanks Tracy. Yes, after all that happened over the past few months, this made the birthday even more special!!
    You're 47 days older??? You cradle robber you!!!!!!! :-)