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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Alphabet Challenge

Before I begin with the alphabet challenge (the purpose of this blog post) I first must tell you that I have discovered the amazing power of Nyquil (yes, I mean Nyquil....the night time sniffling sneezing coughing aching stuffy head fever so you can rest medicine.)
Why oh why didn't I ever take Nyquil before this week I will never know. It is like a little magic spoonful of sleepiness which is just what my body needed this week.
So, seeing as though I am home with a miserable cold which has turned into bronchitis and I am back on the Prednisone (a wonder drug which is even more amazing than Nyquil but I hate.....I mean HATE the side effects) I was not able to join my camera club buddies this morning. Oh how I would have LOVED to have joined them for an "Alphabet Challenge" photo walk. What is an alphabet challenge you may ask? It is going out with your camera and looking for letters in the alphabet in your environment. It is a great exercise and a good way for you to "see" things you don't normally "see".
So, seeing as though I couldn't join 'em, I went out into my yard and did my own little alphabet challenge walk.

I LOVED it! :-)


  1. You are so clever!!!
    Sorry to hear you are sick. I hope you
    feel better quick.

  2. Thanks Nancy. Got to be better for our daytrip next week. :-)

  3. You may be down, but you are never out :) Feel better!

  4. AWESOME!!!! Alphabets and Numbers are sooooo on my to-do list. One day! :-)

    I hope you feel better soon. I had bronchitis many, many years ago. Took me a long time to recover from it so don't be discouraged if you feel fatiqued and out of breath for a few months. Just know that you WILL recover fully. Hugs. :-)

  5. Thanks Tracy. Yes, alphabets and numbers are challenging and a very good exercise. I know you would do some amazing things because of your gifted "eye". I may keep this alphabet thing up myself.
    Sigh, I have asthma and get bronchitis at least once, usually more than once a year. I need to go on Prednisone (a steroid) each time I get it. I HATE being on it, but it really is a miracle drug. I went to the Doc this time early on to hopefully catch it in it's earliest stages. I'm sitting here right now having a nebulizer treatment.I totally know what you mean about being out of breath for months. It's happened to me on several occasions. Thanks so much for the get well wishes and hugs!