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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Country Christmas Tree

Most of the house is all decorated for Christmas. I put everything up about a week ago. The only thing not up yet is the "Family" Christmas Tree. I have my small "country" tree up in the living room. It is decorated with all ornaments that I love.

 The Family Christmas tree goes up in the family room. The ornaments and decorations on that tree are simply treasures to me. Many of the ornaments we have had since we were married. Then there are all of the ornaments the kids made in school throughout the years. Plain and simple.......these are priceless.

Here is one of my ornaments from my "country" tree.

Isn't he adorable?????


  1. Absolutely--he looks like an elephant. :-)

    1. Ha ha ha Muffy. Only you would see an elephant......but I kind of have to agree with you! :-)